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User Registration

Users of this website can register or not, at their discretion. The fact of not registering does not imply a malfunction of the site, nor does the presence of registering imply anything other than improving the service and facilitating communications between IBERVINI and its clients.

Request for Products (Purchase)

For suppliers to make the purchases they wish, they must contact IBERVINI in writing by email, so that the pertinent contacts between the buyer and IBERVINI can be established, and where appropriate, define the products, negotiate prices and agree on the payment methods and shipping dates.

Sample request (buyers)

IBERVINI’s aim is not to sell to a specific client but to be their usual supplier of ALL products from Spain.
If a buyer needs samples to analyze the characteristics of the product he wishes to test, and unless otherwise negotiated, the buyer must purchase these samples via email, and make payment for them in the manner determined by both parties. , and pick them up at our facilities to take them through their courier to their offices.
IBRVINI does not provide free samples to our suppliers.
If, once the purchased samples have been analysed, the buyer orders Spanish products through IBERVINI, IBERVINI will deduct from the invoices the amount of these samples plus the shipping costs incurred by the buyer.

Conditions of shipment of the goods

IBERVINI will supply the goods purchased by buyers, always in FOB Spanish port conditions, properly palletised for transportation to their destination, and accompanied by all the corresponding legal documents for the goods to reach their destination.
All costs generated from FOB delivery are borne by the buyer.

Labeling modification

If by imposition of the national authorities of the buyer’s country, and unless the purchase volume justifies it, the cost of the labels or boxes with the data that the buyer wishes to include, are at his own expense. These costs will be added to the costs of the products you purchase, indicating them clearly on the commercial invoice.


There is no possibility of returning the merchandise in the sales made by IBERVINI, except for reasons of force majeure, such as poor condition of the product.

Payment Methods

The buyer may pay for their purchases using the following formulas, to be determined between the buyer and IBERVINI:

Total transfer to the order in the IBERVINI bank account
Confirmed and Irrevocable Letter of Credit in favor of IBERVINI
Bank deposits in favor of IBERVINI
Total Transfer to 90 days FOB for regular buyers with bank support.

Transaction currencies

The currencies in all transactions will be:
American dollar.

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